Thirty & Ba Mươi

Happy Birthday!

When I was thirty, my daughter turned one and I joined a startup.

As much as I remember the lack of sleep or the constant struggle to keep a work-life balance, the thing I remember most was how blessed I was to have a such a wonderful and supporting wife and family.

While I worked the long hours to build a web team and product at work, my wife and family caught everything I missed at home.

I didn’t have much time for myself, but I did have that thirty-minutes commute to and from work on the train; whenever I didn’t have to catch a cab home at two in the morning anyway.

That was my personal time. I spent it people-watching or thinking.

Those wandering thoughts became a small collection of notes. As I celebrate my 31st birthday, I thought I’d share these few thoughts I had when I was thirty with my family and friends.

This is my simple way of saying “thank you!” to my wife, daughter and my family. Thank you, em!

Just a note: if the title is in English, it was written in English and vice versa for Vietnamese. I’ll get to translating them “some day” or whenever the mood strikes.

Here is “Thirty & Ba Mươi”. Thank you for reading and allowing me the opportunity to share my thoughts with you.