About Me

If you wish contact me, please send email to vuong@meteordreams.com. I’m also on Twitter, Medium & LinkedIn.

Vuong Nguyen Hello, I’m Vuong!

I am the Principal & Founder of Meteor Dreams, a Boston-based consulting company. We provide technology consulting services with a strong focus on front-end application architecture and team development.

I’ve been a technology executive with battle-tested experiences in product and team development and social marketing for early-stage startups as well as Fortune 500 companies for the past 10 years.

Whether as a tech lead or a member of the founding team, my passion is to build and mentor quality technology teams and software products.

I am grateful for the honor and opportunities to help build and work with businesses like The Travel Channel, Honda, Hubspot, nCrypted Cloud, Agero and Eastern Bank etc.

As a growing person, I remain curious and maintain a high level of enthusiasm for learning and personal development. With a finite memory, it is increasingly important that I archive new lessons and reflections.

Thus, with much humility, I started this blog in hope to record and share a few of my personal thoughts. If by chance, someone other than myself find my writings helpful in their quest of learning, then I am satisfied.

My writings currently focus on three main themes:

  • Technology—all about technology, web development/programming, human-centric technology, tips, tricks, tutorials and ideas etc.
  • The urgency of learning—sharing my journey of learning
  • Life—everything else including memories, thoughts, travel and food etc.

My creative thoughts are also archived and shared at Nguồn Thiêng.